The Posture Project Yoga & Massage
Shalan Hill, co-owner
Shalan Hill, co-owner, & Bruce King, instructor
Ann Pauley, co-owner, & Bruce King, instructor
Shalan Hill, co-owner
Bruce King & Ann Pauley, co-owner
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The Posture Project, Yoga & Massage
303 Hickory Ridge Trail, 
Ste. 170
Woodstock, Ga  30188
Phone: (678) 494-3450
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(678) 494-3450
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Watch this Video Testimonial above!
Watch this video testimonial above!
Welcome To The Posture Project
Woodstock's Best Beginner Yoga and Massage Therapy Studio
with a Mission to support Your Well-Being.

We know you are looking for a place to support your fitness routines in a nurturing environment and also want to support your body to find balance physically, emotionally, and mentally. We know you want to be more gentle and loving with yourself and at the same time challenge yourself in order to find another level of strength and empowerment. You want to do this all while calming the inner chaos. 

You may be dealing with pain in your body from an injury or just a nagging pain that showed up one day and hasn’t gone away. You’re frustrated because you’re scared and feel like your body is failing you. Will you ever feel good again? You want to not feel broken. You want to befriend and develop confidence in your body again. 

You may have found yourself living your life for others; your children, your job and you feel a yearning within. You want to know yourself again. You want to do something good for yourself and put yourself back on the priority list. You want to feel like you’re living for You again.

You want to take your life back from the incessant loop of crises. You want to not feel overwhelmed with your days. You want to gain control again; Or, you may have found yourself burning the candle at both ends and now your body is screaming at you and you can’t find any relief. 
You want to know peace.

Whatever your story is, if you’re ready, we can help.

Our studio combines two of most powerful tools you can utilize for your health and Well-Being: 

Yoga and Therapeutic Massage 

Through Yoga, you can start to reconnect with your body in a gentle and nurturing way. You are deepening a healthy communication between you and the vessel you live in. You are exploring what your body can and cannot do and you are starting right where you are, because you don’t have any other choice. Then, you progress from that point onward. Our expert instructors offer great instruction with personalized attention that comes with comfortable class sizes. Our classes are well rounded and balanced leaving you feeling refreshed, reset, and centered. 

Through healthy, loving touch, Therapeutic Massage calms your systems into a receptive state to allow healing on all levels. Your developing communication with your body continues as you practice more body awareness of where you resist letting go and what muscles speak to you through tension, soreness, or release. Your therapist offers one-on-one specialized attention to what is out of balance creating discomforts and utilizes expert techniques and intuition to restore balance where needed leaving you feeling grounded, taller, and more free on all levels.

We are so honored and blessed to have been given permission to own and operate a 
'John of God' Crystal Light Healing Bed. We are elated to offer this powerful healing device to our community of Woodstock, Roswell, Marietta, Acworth, Canton, and Atlanta, GA. These powerful crystals offer their own innate healing wisdom as well as color light therapy. The Healing Spirit Entities of the Casa Dom Inacio in Brazil are able to use this device as a portal so that they may also assist those who seek their help in healing.

For you who are ready for our assistance, our memberships make it easy for you to commit to your Well-Being. To make sure we are a good fit for your needs, we offer drop-in class prices and “ala carte” massage prices, too.

Please give us a call to discuss how you can start making yourself the priority, taking your life back, and developing confidence in your body again.

We’re excited to work with you!  - The Posture Project Team
There's nothing more important than feeling good. - Abraham-Hicks
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Relief Through Rolling
Workshop for Lower Body 
with Shalan Hill

Sunday, April 30, 2-4pm
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Tai Chi Series!

with Karen Inchak
April 25 - May 30
Tuesdays, 10- 11 am
       $75 / $60 for members        
No drop-ins allowed

The Posture Project

The Posture Project

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