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The Posture Project Yoga & Massage
The Posture Project, Yoga & Massage
Shalan Hill, co-owner The Posture Project Yoga Studio Woodstock GA
Shalan Hill, co-owner The Posture Project Yoga Studio Woodstock GA
Shalan Hill, co-owner The Posture Project Yoga Studio Woodstock GA
Shalan Hill, co-owner The Posture Project Yoga Studio Woodstock GA
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Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and spirit.  It is an inward journey to the Self. We are all on our own journey. This is not a competition. Start where you are, no matter how inflexible and love your Self. - NAMASTE - Shalan Hill
303 Hickory Ridge Trail, 
Ste. 170
Woodstock, Ga  30188
Phone: (678) 494-3450
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(678) 494-3450
​The word "Yoga" means "union" of the body, mind, and spirit. The Posture Project considers yoga as a course in self study and solid health "ensurance". You can begin to listen, to feel, to sense your limits, to learn of your unlimited possibilities to feeling great, to breathe, to open, and to live with more freedom!

The Posture Project offers traditional Hatha Yoga with an Iyengar influence with emphasis on the breath or pranayama and energy movement.  We are the perfect studio for beginners to start their yoga practice and continuously progress, and the seasoned yogi enjoys deepening their practice with us, as well.  We guide you through each posture with awareness of body and breath. The different yoga poses can help you relieve pain, improve posture, develop strength and endurance, heal physically and emotionally, reduce depression, focus, lose weight, and rejuvenate.  Yoga is best known to create more flexibility and our most common feedback is that our students are “so relaxed” after class.  The practice of yoga can offer peace of mind and centeredness to be able to enjoy more or your precious time. 

Yoga can be a perfect means to maintain your fluid movement & freedom in your body to perform  your daily activities with ease.  It is a perfectly "well rounded" form of exercise for the body & mind.  

We recommend starting with two classes a week for the first month, then increasing to 3 - 7 times a week thereafter.  Your yoga instructor can give their recommendation for your individualized needs after your initial class.  

It is always important to share any body conditions, injuries, or limitations with your instructor Before Class.  We offer clean, alkaline, filtered and enhanced drinking water from our Nikken PiMag water system to keep yourself hydrated. 


  • Be hydrated, drink extra water and limit caffeine and sugar before class.
  • Not recommended to eat 1 hour before class, but if you must eat, eat light.
  • Bring a yoga mat or large bath towel. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, but not too baggy.
  • Be on time.  If you are running late, please do not enter the Yoga Room during meditation times (usually during the first and last 10-15 minutes of class)  You can see through the door and decipher if the class is meditating.
  • Limit movement during meditation times to lessen distractions.  If you need to use the restroom or get something for yourself, please wait until the meditation is over.
  • If you are a new student, come 5 - 10 min. early to complete necessary information on your first class, or print off our waiver to complete and bring with you. 
  • Please do not wear heavy perfumes to class. 
  • Shoes are not allowed in the Yoga Room.  There is a shoe rack outside the entrance.  You may bring your purses or valuables in the Yoga Room to be placed near the restroom..  
  • Only water with a lid is allowed on the Yoga Room floor, no other food or drink. 
  • Please turn off electronic noise makers (cellphones).
  • It is your responsibility to inform the instructor if you are pregnant or have any injuries before class. 

I love yoga and I love my yoga studio and my yoga studio is The Posture Project!  The instructors are excellent in form, technique, instruction and delivery.  I look forward to every class and strongly believe there isn’t much more I could do for myself to promote better health. -  C.F.

The Posture Project is a relaxing, nurturing environment where I am constantly learning new techniques that help me become more focused, relaxed & centered. The staff is top notch and really cares about the well-being of their clientele. - S.W.

The yoga classes at The Posture Project are fantastic. I had studied yoga many years ago and enjoyed it, so I wanted to give it a try again. The instructors are experienced and offer many alternatives to the students to help them achieve the various postures. The classes are gentle, yet challenging and serve not only to strengthen my body, but also decrease my stress.  Walking into The Posture Project is like walking into an oasis of calm in a stressful world. You always feel like everyone is happy to see you and anxious to help you on your life journey. I'm so grateful for the wonderful people at The Posture Project for sharing their gifts of healing and strength. - P.K.

I met Shalan & Annie a couple of years ago and have been practicing yoga with them for about one year.  They are warm, kind, respectful, and light-hearted.  The classes are great for stretching and toning.  I have found them to be healing for the mind and body as well.  I am grateful to be a part of this studio. - M.H.

CLASS LEVELS - Each class has its' level displayed on the yoga schedule.

Beginner - Everyone can enjoy, but have Beginners in mind.  These classes are slow paced & have detailed instruction & are good for people with limited mobility, are "out of shape," or want to learn the basics of yoga.

All Levels - Proper modifications for each student's range of motion & experience.  These classes can be moderate in movement and stamina.  

All Levels with Moderate Fitness - These classes are not recommended for those with acute injuries, limited Range of Motion that keeps you from moving fluidly from floor to standing, or pregnant women.) 



Gentle Yoga - Traditional Hatha yoga intuitively instructed with added emphasis on the breath and body awareness. Each class starts and ends with brief meditations. Patience is applied with breath in each posture with focus on lengthening, strengthening, and feeling from within.  Gentle Yoga classes are recommended for  expectant mothers, people recovering from injuries, or those with limited range of motion due to pain or other body conditions.  Experience relaxation!  Gentle yoga is offered at the Beginner & All Levels.  

Yoga Flow - Slow flowing sequences of movement with your breath to focus, lengthen, & strengthen.  Sequences of dynamic movements and static postures are woven through mindful awareness, precision, and guided exploration. Yoga Flow is offered at the All Levels .

Strengthen & Tone Yoga   -  This class firms and strengthens the body paying great attention to alignment. Breath work is greatly used to enhance your vitality & focus.  Activate, engage,and breathe in your power! 
All Levels with moderate fitness(this class is not recommended for those with acute injuries, limited Range of Motion that keeps you from moving fluidly from floor to standing, or pregnant women.) 

Cardio Yoga – Cardio Class to burn calories!  This class gets you moving to stimulate your lymphatic system and get metabolism more balanced.  Tone, firm, and strengthen using the resistance of your own body through the perfect poses yoga offers
All Levels with moderate fitness! (this class is not recommended for those with acute injuries, limited Range of Motion that keeps you from moving fluidly from floor to standing, or pregnant women.) 

Empowering Flow Yoga -  This class will challenge you physically while steadying your mind. A strong, flowing sequence using all sides of your mat, a multi-dimensional experience. A grounded and playful atmosphere is offered. You'll get a great workout, while creating space within for more calm, the best of both worlds - inside and out!  All Levels with moderate fitness! (this class is not recommended for those with acute injuries, limited Range of Motion that keeps you from moving fluidly from floor to standing, or pregnant women.) 

Meditation Class - FREE to anyone!  Guided meditation to commune with your Inner Being leading you toward inspiration, stillness, peace, ease, bliss, etc...  Learn to harness your mind and trust that All Is Well. No requirements. Anyone can attend.


What is yoga? Yoga literally means "union." It is a practice of uniting mind, body, and spirit. Traditional yoga consists of meditation to focus and calm your mind, specific poses to stretch and strengthen your body, along with awareness of your breath (spirit or life force). 

Is yoga a religion? No. Yoga is a practice, a tool for self-healing, a way of life. If anything, yoga enhances religion. "Be still and know that I am God", and "Your body is a temple" are perfect examples of the practice of yoga. We at Breathe claim no religious affiliation, but want you to "Know thy Self." 

Do you have to be flexible to do yoga? No. Doing yoga is how you get more flexible. Start where you are (we find adjustments for you) and incorporate these wonderful stretches to lengthen your muscles, breathe deeper and let go of tension and stress and you will increase your flexibility.  Remember, "you get back what you put in." The more you stretch, the more flexible you become. 

Can anyone do yoga? Yes! If you can breathe, you can do yoga. If you are very frail, sick, stiff, or weak, just do what your body can do. Even just learning how to be aware of your breath will make a big difference in your life. If you can move your body in addition to your breath, you'll even see more. 

What do I wear / bring to Yoga? Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in, but aren't too baggy. Bare feet are best. Bring a beach towel or yoga mat and yourself! Please no perfumes or cell phones! You might want to arrive about 5-10 min. early for class. 

What are the benefits of Yoga? Yoga is an incredible tool for self-healing. It helps you listen to your body so you can take care of it better. It helps you to calm and center so you can be more present in your everyday life. It helps to counter aches and pains when they start creeping up by opening and strengthening the body. 

Still have questions about Yoga? 

Please contact The Posture Project at 678-494-3450.


- self exploration.

- giving yourself the opportunity for better health and balance in your life.

- an act of self love.  It will ripple outward, too. 

- becoming stronger.

- being more peaceful.

- being in the present moment without worry.

- healing.

- finding flexibility.

- enjoying your senses.

- getting grounded and in your personal power.

- rejuvenating.

- relaxing.

- observing, then creating your world.

- finding union.

- practicing self acceptance

"...Yoga is an immortal art, science, and philosophy.  It is the best subjective psycho-anatomy of mankind ever conceived for the experience of physical, mental, intellectual, adn spiritual well-being.  It has stood the test of time from the beginning of civilization and it will remain supreme as a precise psycho-physical science for centuries to come.  
There are many different types of cells in the body, with physical, physiological, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual functions.  It is known that each cell has a life of its own.  These cells are the pearls of life.  In the practice of Yoga every cell is consciously made to absorb a copious supply of fresh blood and life-giving energy, thus satiating the embodied soul.  With serenity one then experiences the self by the self, and rests the self in the lap of the soul."  - B.K.S. Iyengar

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